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How we Can help you

Starting Your Job Search

Whether it is where to look for jobs online, setting up a LinkedIn account and utilizing LinkedIn, building and utilizing your network, filling out applications, discussing whether a job is a good match, structuring and organizing a job search, or providing guidance and direction on seeking out opportunities, BTG can provide resources and strategies to begin the journey.

Crafting Your Story

BTG reviews resumes and cover letters for accuracy, content, and readability, and we help clients translate their experiences into distillable vignettes about their professional lives. We focus on simplicity and substance with straightforward and results-orientated documents that tell a story of your experience and how it relates to the job to which you are applying.

Interview Prep

BTG helps you build the skills needed to walk confidently into any interview. We prepare you by providing sample interview questions, conducting mock-interviews, recommending questions you can ask, and providing clear and direct feedback for improvement. We want you to succeed, and preparation is the best medicine for success.

Negotiation Guidance

At BTG, we want to empower you with the tools, resources, and support you need to negotiate the offer package you deserve. This might mean more compensation (either salary or a bonus), more annual paid time off, or more coverage for health benefits. It is sometimes hard to know what to ask for and how far to push – and having experts who have been on the other side of negotiations provide you with guidance gives you confidence in making thoughtful, balanced asks.

Onboarding Support

We strongly encourage you to be proactive in your onboarding experience, regardless of your new company or position. Beyond the Glass helps you establish a personal onboarding plan to navigate those early days, providing strategies you can employ and acting as an advisor for work-related challenges. We want you to feel energized and prepared when you walk into day one of your new job!

1:1 Advisory Sessions

We offer one-off advisory sessions such as how to approach a potential employer, discussing the pros and cons of jobs to which you are applying, approaching your employer regarding a promotion, managing employees, or navigating tricky work situations.

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