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Our Team

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Becky (Rebecca) Vincent

Founder and Principal Consultant

Becky Vincent has been in Human Resources for over twenty years working in a variety of roles from program administration to overseeing HR for major non-profits in Philadelphia. She has recruited hundreds of people to teach in schools and work at non-profits, has designed and implemented multiple performance management and merit compensation systems, has trained leaders and employees on topics ranging from the Role of the Manager to Respectful Workplace to Effective Communication and has navigated the stickiest of employee relations challenges.

Becky never met a problem that she did not try to solve – she loves tinkering with various solutions to find one that fits. The same holds true when working with clients – she loves to navigate through challenges her clients are having whether it is difficulty navigating a job search or piecing together an organizational structure puzzle. Becky doesn't believe in "the way it's always been" and pushes her clients to think outside the box and try new approaches to problems they are encountering. Helping others has always been her top priority and with Beyond the Glass Becky is able to live that priority every day.


Becky resides in Philadelphia with her husband, two children, and Daisy the dog. She grew up learning the value of teamwork in achieving a shared goal while playing soccer at an early age and transitioning to field hockey during high school and college. She holds a BA from Columbia University where she focused on psychology and sociology – two concentrations that have had a profound impact on her career. In addition to building Beyond the Glass, Becky spends as much time as possible with her family – teaching her kids how to have a growth mindset and acting as a chauffeur, sports spectator, activity-organizer extraordinaire, and travel agent.

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